Stargazr Collaboration

Empower information flow
through a dynamic communication feed

The standard month end closing in accounting is often similar: Until management is getting the information of
“What happened last month?”, the operations is already facing new issues and management seems unable
to react. Stargazr Collaboration enables an automated real-time information flow - so that everyone is quickly on board before
decisions are made. The static standard reporting process is outdated, now it is time for a dynamic communication feed. So why
only report one time in a month if you can support your management daily through a feed?

Data → Information → Knowledge

Reduce your
Time to Decision

No need of reporting what happened last
month. Understand what happens - in real-time -
and integrate all decision makers. Real-time
Dashboard users can decide 3 times fast
than others.


Avoid spending long nights in updating every
month same graphs and management reports.
Better spend time deriving new insights and
sharing your findings via Stargazr Collaboration.

Information Flow

Forget the chaos with tons of emails. Putting
all decision makers on a platform where
stakeholder can interact will lead to solution-
oriented discussions.