Stargazr Sentiment Analytics

Quantify consumers sentiment
in your planning

Stargazr Sentiment Analytics makes value-oriented use of unstructured data from social networks.
Automated analysis of these data streams can generate potential in sales and lead to counteract risks (e.g. shitstorms)
early on time. Enclosing users’ opinion about products or suppliers condition is the starting point of an accurate
forecast. Consider the awareness of your product and use sentiment as an additional non-financial KPI.

Know Your Environment

Accurate Sales

Understanding consumers sentiment is essential when it comes to product profitability. By spotting potentials of customers mood, controller can adjust the sales forecast.

Initiate Cost

Considering sentiment about products delivers opportunities to improve product issues and save costs.


Timely recognition of how competitors are progressing or whether the supplier is weakening improves planning and the quality of decision-making.