Stargazr Value Driver

Convert operational
KPIs into financial impact

Our value driver solution uncovers the financial impact of operational drivers. The ready-made value driver-based
approach with integrated scenario simulations allows you to rethink your classic planning processes. By considering
operational drivers like efficiency or productivity, our solution delivers a direct translation of your processes and
KPIs into your EBIT in real time. In other words: Know how much each decision is worth in dollar.

What you can’t measure, you can’t steer


No need for tons of KPIs and valueless dashboards. Driver models enable clarity about interdependencies and effects of your decision against target.


Benefit from trusting into your analysis. No need for spending days to find causes of the monthly result. Better focus on business partnering instead of crunching data.


Connect your departments together. Link data from operations with finance based on our secret sauce algorithm and start to talk.